Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Wrapping Up 2014

OK - So I've been far removed from this blog for reasons such as a lame horse, no riding, grad school, and the holidays. I can't even think to look at my 2014 goal list because I'm sure nothing really happened. I'll update on how that all went...

On my list...
  • Get off the farm with the trailer... a truck would help.
  • Canter straight. Stupid, but I can't even think of where to start
  • Do a CTR or the like - there is a trail riding group in the area that should be helpful with this
  • More trails - need to explore around the farm
  • De-spooking - he doesn't spook much, often, but what fun it'll be to play with pool noodles and plastic bags
  • Clinic - do one, do something
  • Look into endurance - ask questions, network, decide if it's a fit
  • Another hunter pace - pony club is scheduled to do another in April, I'm in

OK, so I got a truck, but the trailer needs work so it hasn't gone anywhere except to the welder. I did the CTR and learned about endurance. Sure, I did the hunter pace, too, but that's when everything went down hill. It's been that way with Spyder since May... great. So all of what I thought we could work on is still on hold, and it's been a TBD since May.

I left off with we'll talk about my lessons and how the 25 mile competitive trail ride went, but then I got lost. I haven't been riding, and I haven't even had the desire really. Spyder's showing no improvement (they said a maybe on fibers coming back in last they checked), and he's been a jerk about it. He's miserable (and lashing out about it) and his leg is puffy again. He had colic on December 14th when I wasn't even in the country, and he got an emergency tube. He's been miserable ever since, and that leaves me plain miserable. YAY 2014!

I'm hoping to work on my trailer floor (have everything to do it, just need to make time) so that I can get him back to the hospital to re-ultrasound him and see what's going on. Let's hope they see improvement this time around or I'll have to come up with a Plan B for what to do with him. I know if I give him back, he doesn't stand a chance of a life like he has with me, and certainly that's not an option before I know for sure if he'll be sound again or not. If he won't be sound, I will be heart broken because keeping him isn't really an option. Spyder, get well soon.