About Me

I am from Southern New Jersey. I was raised in Gloucester County with my horses in my backyard, and yes, I was spoiled. I rode at home and at a friend's barn, but during college, I reactivated the equestrian club and found a barn close to Stockton. My horse is now boarded at that same farm, and he's very happy there.

I have a job doing marketing for a computer software company. Work (outside of Atlantic City) and home (in Southern Ocean County) most certainly can't be too far from the beach or the barn where I like to spend most of my time. I work for a great company which covers my expensive hobbies of not just horseback riding but also traveling. I enjoy being close to the water since I grew up going out on the boat and at "the shore", and enjoy kayaking in the town where I live. My house isn't far from Bass River State Park which is part of Wharton State Forest which has hiking, biking, horseback riding, and kayaking.

I have two sisters and very loving parents that support any of my decisions. I graduated from Rowan University with my MBA, finally! I will have more time to ride and blog - Whoo! Since I love learning, I couldn't keep myself away from a college for too long, but man am I happy to be finished. I was one of those lucky students that found a job in my field of study despite the bad economy, and it hasn't stopped me from enjoying life or progressing forward. I'm lucky, and I try really hard. What can I say?

I married my best friend, Chris, who has been there through all of my accomplishments, tough decisions, and horse drama on July 27, 2013. He listens to my crazy stories and is always offering advice about life and my horse. Although he wasn't sure it was the greatest idea to get back into horses, he knows that I adored Spyder and made sure that I didn't give up when I lost him.! I can contribute him to having Spyder in my life to his convincing me that all the struggles were worth it.

Life is simple, life is great! :)