Thursday, August 25, 2016

A New Journey

And so a new journey begins. Finding a horse to fill the shoes of Spyder has been difficult. It's been a lot of riding, a lot of phone calls, and a lot of annoying "horse people." People that want to lie, people that just want to unload, people that expect you to bring cash and the trailer to decide right then and there, and some, but very few people that care about where their horses end up. Horse people are just plain weird, aren't they? Summer is an awful time to look for a horse, and I knew if I could be patient, more would pop up in the fall. Chris was on board for me getting a new horse and expressed that before I could even bring it up.

I went on vacation shortly after Spyder passed (Glacier, Teton, Yellowstone, and Rocky Mountain National Parks), and mustangs were on my mind! I rode one before I left, but he sold while I was gone. I was upset about it, but I knew I couldn't be so excited about the first horse I rode. We went to a mustang museum/refuge type place and saw a ton of awesome horse hair items. I took some pictures and got the name so that I could eventually get Spyder's tail turned into something awesome. I was thinking a dream catcher since I always wanted one, and they had a nice example of one there. If anyone knows of any good people to turn horse hair into art, let me know! The mustang place was super cool and followed the lineage of a herd that has been there for over 200 years. I asked her all about the BLM and adoptions, but I wish they weren't so far. I got a cool shirt and a magnet to give them some money for annoying them with all of my questions. Click here to check it out - it's in "the middle of nowhere" which was most places in Wyoming.

I went back to SRF where Spyder came from and tried a few after I got back. Of course, it was just as hot as the 95 degree day that I went to meet Spyder on. This time was different, and I was wishing Dom was there still to help me pick one out. She did a great job at matching me when she was there before. I believe I rode 3, maybe 4. The first was the 3 year old I had been eyeing up, I liked him, he was never ridden under saddle, and I hopped on. He was obviously not sure what to do, but he was so very good. I rode another after him, a mare, and she had a bit of an attitude. After that, I rode another gelding that had a prior injury, and he was too uppity for me. I liked the 3 year old, but I sat on it.

I went home, and I thought, and I knew I needed to ride some more. I rode another mare that I liked, but I knew she'd be a lot of work to bring along. I scheduled a ride out to PA to check out another that I thought would be a great fit, and wen tot visit him. He was what I was looking for, but again, I knew I had to think about it. He had trail experience, but no ring work, so I wasn't sure I was up for that, either. I rode another from the barn that would be for sale come the end of a summer lease, and she was nice, too (rode her when one fell through to feel better that day). I just kept going back to thinking gelding, though. I did find a gelding that I went to see with the BO, but I passed on him so she could scoop him up because I thought he'd be better as a lesson horse. Thinking back, I think I rode others? I know I was over 10, but it feels like an eternity ago because I was trying so hard and talking to anyone and everyone that had something for sale. I had to look beyond a few because of dealers or bad connections. There is nothing in south jersey!

Anyways, the one that fell through came back around, and I had to tell myself that if it was meant to be, it would happen. It happened, and it's getting easier to stomach the idea of it all. I think that we're both trying so hard to please each other because we're both into getting the other to like us. He needs to settle, and I need to accept that it's not going to be the same. He's super cute, super friendly, and super willing to please. Your guess is as good as mine on what he is, and he's around 6 years old. I'll tell you his background in another post, but...

Meet Denali! :)

August 4th - his first day at the barn

Riding around the barn

His first bath at the barn