Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What the Heck?

What have I been up to? I don't even know sometimes. After the wedding, I just wanted to relax a bit. I was riding a lot when the weather was good and fall hit. It's been cold (for me, anything below 60 is cold), and this end of daylight savings doesn't make it better. It's dark before I even leave work, and I haven't adjusted well to the cold. Once I get to the farm, I'm fine, but it takes a lot for me to get there. I am going to have to use the lights like I did last year to get me through winter and the weekends better be nice! Hopefully I can get days to work from home and break up my day with some time outside (and with sunlight) to keep my sanity.

When he was a lot smaller in foster care.
We also got a dog/puppy! We adopted one that is about 6 months old, and he's a ton of fun. I get up early in the morning to get him fed and get him out so I've been getting a lot accomplished in the morning. I was riding before work some days last year, but this year, it's not an option with "morning dog duty." We have no idea what Kaiden is, but your guess is as good as ours. He's a great dog with all of the smarts and personality. I can see some terrier, they said hound mix, either way, he's just fun so we'll go with that for a breed.

On top of the dog, I started my second grad course. It's a great program, but it's so rushed with classes being 8 weeks. Right now, I'm on week 4, and it does not feel like I'm half way there because it flies by. My next course begins in March so I'm hoping that I don't feel the winter depression and "boredom" with a break in class. Skiing is set to keep my busy for yet another winter. I don't really enjoy it beyond getting me through winter, but it really does help pass the time. I say that because I don't have an urge to get out on a mountain in the summer like most people that love the sport would. Between the puppy, Spyder, and the pool, I can't wait for summer!
Yes, he chose to sleep right here. He's so cuddly.
Back to horses, I got back on last week and Spyder was decent w/t, but I was worried to canter and totally out of shape from not getting on since I had fallen. I was pretty sore for about 3 days, but my chiropractor appointment couldn't have already been scheduled at a better time. It was mainly my neck hurting from hitting my head, and it still is a bit stiff. The trot was consistent so I was pushing into a faster speed going straight and taking corners in a slower and collected trot by slowing my post. He needs to get speeds that I control vs. speeds he decides to set.

I got on Saturday this past weekend and decided to give the canter a go. I got a few kicking out fits, but we worked through it, (or I got very lucky) and they stopped. I didn't push too hard because we always end up having to work through something even worse than where we were. I trotted around the field and then went into the dressage ring to end the ride practicing the Intro A test to see if I could remember it. I think I did?

Today, it snowed/flurried for a bit, and it's just damp, dark, and cold! I wanted to ride since I try to get out there on Tuesdays, but I'll have to pick another night this week to get on in the dark and hope it warms up. This weekend looks beautiful so I plan on riding both days, if possible. Both days means I'll get out there one, but it'll be worth it since it looks mid to upper 50's for a change. There is a combined test (show jumping and dressage) with an optional cross country course at the farm this weekend. I'm not thinking I'm going to do it since I won't get to practice much which is a total bummer. If you couldn't tell by this post, the lack of riding is really bumming me out, and I worry that the canter isn't going to come along because it just doesn't seem to be working. Sigh, bring back warmth and sun.