Friday, December 6, 2013

XC Schooling

I'm back from Jamaica... meant to post this before Thanksgiving, but I left it a draft.

XC schooling was canceled for Sunday (last week) because it was FREEZING! The high was in the 30's, but we were getting wind gusts of up to 25 mph. When I woke up, it was in the 20's, but it said that it felt like 10 degrees. YIKES! I know this winter is predicted to be a bad one, and I'm not coping with it very well. My youngest sister moved to Alaska on base in Anchorage, and I'm not quite sure how she takes her dog out... ever. I give her a lot of credit for committing to a dog with the weather they get as I have rethought this puppy in the cold! Right now, he's still in the phase of us having to make sure that he goes outside for praise and reinforcement of the habit, and boy was it cold waiting with him yesterday. I'm SO glad we didn't go, but I do wish it was nicer as I was excited for the trip out of state.

I wasn't sure how Sunday would fair, but I knew I needed to get to the farm either way on Sunday. It was in the 40's... maybe 50's... and it was still COLD! Yes, my cold is 80 and below. I told my husband that I got the trailer to take myself and Spyder down to Florida like the rest of New Jersey. I sound like an old person, but it's practical, right? I figured since I hadn't ridden since Sunday, it was a good idea to get out so Spyder didn't sit another week. I was the only person at the farm since it was a bit cloudy, but I knew I had to suck it up because this week is cold.

From Saturday, looks nice, but it's so cold!
I did get in cantering with some grunting, but no kicking out! The w/t was lovely, and holding my crop gave me additional leverage for his attitude. I didn't even have to use it because he knew I had it, and he was giving me what I asked for with little trouble. I decided to get to jumping with choosing directions, and got really nice cantering after a few jumps, as well. He was all hyped up, and I had asked for a lot so we cooled out down the track and around the farm.

I decided to go to the farm Tuesday night because it was warm in relation to what it's been as it was in the 40's. I was going to head to the indoor, but I figured by the time I got there in the dark (and in the rain), my saddle would be just as wet as it would be if I rode in the round pen. I used the spot light to get in w/t, and AMAZING movement off of my leg. I pushed into the canter which resulted in pushing into the bit, and it was a round canter. What? My horse? Cantering nicely? I decided to work on this sitting trot thing that we suck at doing. I should have ridden in the dressage saddle since I got my jumping one wet (and it bleeds a bit). I was wearing full seat breeches so they helped, and it was AMAZING, too! I did what others suggested to slow the trot to almost a walk, but then, I would push back to the trot. It was hard to do bouncing around without yanking on his mouth, but I got him controlled enough to give him a break on the bit without running through it and speeding up.

Sitting trot was awesome, cantering was awesome, jumping's been awesome. We need to get spring back!

Please take a look at my wish list and let me know if you have any of the items on it. I'd love to help out another "horse person" that needs to sell some of the items I'm looking for.
Fat and fluffy