Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weekend 2 Weeks From the Thirty

The weekend after our "perfect trail ride," I got moving to get to the tack shop with my future and fellow hunter pace team members. One needed a new show shirt, and it was a great day for me to check out the trail riding gear since the ride was in 2 weeks. (yea, I'm slacking - grad school is screwing me up). I was looking for a pad with pockets and something that could attach to the saddle to carry water. Everything they had was expensive, cheaply made, or wouldn't work with an english saddle, but I did score Spyder some treats and leather cleaner wipes (my new FAVORITE leather cleaning product - no more paper towels and rags and hours of cleaning/conditioning). The wipes have a lot of conditioner on them, and I didn't think they would be as good as they are. Lexol will be getting a lot more of my money.

When we were through with the tack shop, the girls came to ride at farm the farm with me. I was even able to score (borrow/was given) a pad with pockets that the one never uses to use for my upcoming ride (which is no longer happening, we'll get to that). Spyder would NOT listen! He had a rearing fit before they got there and wouldn't back down. We warmed up by the barn since the wind was making all of the horses crazy. Once they got there, we rode out to the big ring to have more space to work. Spyder was OK out here as far as spooking goes, but he was not liking the fact that I'd ask him to work while the other horses were standing there. He REFUSED to walk away from them, and something was off with his trot. He did get his feet trimmed nice and short for out upcoming ride, but it was days since it had gotten done. I took it easy since he was temperamental.

Sunbathing Saturday
We went out on the track because we were bored in the ring and he kept bulging at my leg. He would turn his body all sideways and literally side pass into the woods in the middle of the track. He was aggravating me so bad that I jabbed him with my spur, he kicked out, then he got over it. He was better for the rest of the ride, but certainly not perfect. They rode back to the trailer, and I decided to try to make him move. Yeah, "try" is the key word there. He kept bulging and would not walk on the track because he knew he'd be put to more work. I got to the point where I got his two feet on the sand, then he moved the other two. After we got to that pitiful moment, we walked around the barn and trotted around the area to end on that "good note." Ha, yeah right. I put his cooler on to see how it fit, and his mane was really getting out of control so I started to pull it and make him look less homeless.

Tried it on for the ride.
Worked on that mane because it was awful!
Sunday was trailer fixing day to get that situated for the following week/weekend so I could practice with it prior to my ride. It seemed to be one issue after another with the wiring, but that got figured our, and it got put back together with the new tires. It looked so great and was getting me excited for what the next two weeks would bring leading up to my ride. I talked to a few people about meeting up to trail ride the following weekend, and I was also getting nervous for my 30 miles! AHH! I headed out for a ride late in the day and had a decent ride with no fuss. We did about 6 miles with no arguing so I took it easy with his cooperation. If his feet were an issue, I didn't want to hurt him for the ride in two weeks. He needed a mental break from the day before, and taking it easy makes him easier to deal with. I worked to straighten out his mane a little more, but I still have a lot to do with it. Yikes! They always have their ups and downs, and I'm into that thought process to help me to look ahead and ride each ride like the one before was decent (even if it wasn't).

I'll get to the trailer in my next post...