Thursday, February 12, 2015


Spyder has the typical excitement when being able to trot, as expected. My Facebook post yesterday was, "Spyder's 2 minute trot that he's allowed is "OMG, I'M FREEEEEEEEEE!!!" (rear, buck, rear, yay!) If ever I don't show up at something I'm supposed to, it's because I'm on the ground at the barn. Please send help! haha"

He's ready to go, and it's not the best thing since his injury is still not showing signs of linear growth. I need to keep him calm and less excited, but it's hard to do when a horse has sat for 8-9 months. Ahh! I'm also not thrilled with the animal hospital because discharge instructions have not been sent over a week later.  I e-mailed the doctor with no response, and called about them twice. I deserve them since 1) they sent them automatically each time 2) I pay a lot of money for each visit 3) I should have a documented list of everything that happened at the visit. UGH!