Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Mystery Creature

On Sunday we had a long drive home from Virginia, and I was happy to be able to relax once I got home. What I wasn't happy about was not being able to ride all weekend because it was actually nice out. The heat and the rain have been killing the riding time, and I have been looking forward to getting in more time since we made it through the wedding. Needless to say, the traffic didn't help my mood. My parents stopped by, and when they went to leave, I noticed something on the porch. I grabbed my mom to head back inside because I wasn't sure if it was a wild cat, a skunk, a raccoon, or some other woodsy creature. My dad started walking towards it, and I was screaming, "If you get sprayed and the house stinks..." We had to get to a window and shine a light on it to see that it was actually a really tiny dog. Why'd it come on the porch and sit in the furthest corner? I'm guessing it head us talking inside and found comfort in our voices. It was a silent dog, and was a bit nervous since it was outside all alone in the dark.

After I grabbed the dog, it was like she had always known me. She didn't want me to put her down and just kept looking at me. She was so cute, but I had to figure out where she came from. As much as I love dogs. this one is just not my type. My parents saw her following people down the street on their way over, but was she following them because she was theirs or because she was lost? Who were the people she was following? We just moved to our new home in May so I was hoping the neighbors knew something. I felt back knocking so late, but it was about 9:30 and they had lights on. The neighbor to the right didn't know anything and said the one to the left knows more people. I've seen her running a bunch so I probably should have gone there first. She was so excited to get to talk to us since we've hardly met her, but she had let me know she's been chased by all the dogs in the area... and never this one. They gave us some of their dog's food to hold us over until a store opened the next day or we found her owner. I brought the dog back home and put her in the laundry room which is part of the garage. She started to wag her tail and was very thirsty. Since she didn't eat, I knew she couldn't have been away from home for long.
The happiest pom

Now what? I called the police department to see if anyone reported a dog missing, my parents looked for people searching on their way home, and Chris rode his bike around the development twice to see if he could hear them calling a dog or find someone walking the street to look for her. Nothing. I decided to go online where I posted her on two local groups that I belong to as well as the police page on Facebook. This was prior to calling animal control and leaving a message. On Facebook, I was getting a million offers from friends to take her if I was unable to find the owners which was nice, but I was sure someone was so upset to have lost her. I called a few vet offices to get their hours thinking I could take her to get scanned before work in the morning. I had no luck before going to bed.

In the morning, I woke up to a message from a girl saying I may have found her sister-in-law's dog that lived on the next street over. She had also messaged me "I think you have my dog." No phone number, no address, no thank you, no excitement. I don't know about you, but If I lost my dog and knew who had it, I'd BEG them to give me their number or call me ASAP as well as thank them and appreciate the fact that she was safe and in good care. Anyways, with some prodding I found out she is not micro chipped. Reason being? She's an Amish dog she got when her son was little. Does that even make sense? Also, she didn't offer to come get her, she said I can bring her whenever I have time and left me the address. She had my number from the SECOND I responded to her, and she didn't even call me. Come to find out, the dog has fleas so I was sure to call her out on that since I was frustrated. She had an excuse for that, too.

I left work early to take the dog back, and the girl I talked to on the computer wasn't even there. The person that took 3 minutes to get to the door grabbed her and threw her inside. I let her know that I had taken her for a walk to use the bathroom before I left plus she had water and seemed to eat a bit, as well. I got, "Yeah, she doesn't eat much. She never goes far." Not a where was she? How'd she get there? Was she good? Is there anything NICE these people could say? I just left in shock. I'm really hoping that she gets out of there and comes back over our way. A 5 lb. dog smaller than a size of paper should not be traveling as far as it did. I can't believe they weren't even looking for her! Since I was frustrated, I let the in-law know that they didn't even ask questions or thank me... AND she chose to ignore me, as well. GREAT FAMILY. I was just happy to be able to ride since I had gotten her back. I didn't have to be home to walk her any other day that week. I'm bad, I know. If it was my dog, I'd be happy to do it. Gracie needed to go, and I think her owners felt the same way.

I made her room on the floor to head home, and I went to get in the car - she hopped right up on the seat!