Monday, August 12, 2013

Thursday Ride

I quickly forget what we did on a particular ride if I don't take noted right away so I'm probably missing a ton. Anyways, I got the farm and I wasn't feeling 100%. There were two boarders that I usually talk to that wanted to hear all about the wedding. I was happy to relax and talk to them for a bit because I was feeling better by the time I got tacked up. I got on Spyder a bit later than I was expecting to, but we had a very short ride because it was perfect.

We headed out to the big field where we worked on our trot and bending and quickly moved to canter because he was so good. On the way out, Spyder stopped and WOULD NOT move which was frustrating, but it was feeding time so I figured this was his new tactic. He just had to go to the bathroom... hahaha. After that, he was all for continuing on. Our figure 8 is helping with the command, but the horse of habit is getting the hang of the spots in the field where we pick up the lead and go. I've been thinking about how we can get strong at the canter, but the habits are going to get in the way so we'll need to change things up.

I headed back after about just 30 minutes since he was a good listener and did everything we needed to easily. He didn't even flinch at the deer that were out there taunting us. I'm proud of him for being less fussy during feeding time, as well. I think my baby horse is growing up and finally starting to mature. It's been SO much easier since he's lost his "colt attitude." I did find out that they are just resting the field Spyder was in for a bit to get the grass growing and the mud dried up. I'm happy he won't be staying in the swampy field for long... although it's been dry.

I didn't get to ride this past weekend because I had a migrane Sunday when I woke up. Saturday was nice because we got a lot done around the house and went mountain biking. They took out a lot of the bridges and obstacles to discourage riding where we go, but it was still a good time on the trails. Biking helps a lot with cardio and leg which, of course, helps with riding! :) I'll have to see if Spyder is afraid of a bike because Chris said he'd come with me to try out trails if that would work out. Yesterday was sunny and warmer than usual (but still not up to par with the typical weather) so I had a pool day and relaxed. I haven't had a migrane that bad, EVER. Back to riding this week and hoping for warmer and dryer weather!