Sunday, September 29, 2013

Thursday Night's Ride

Thursday night, the horses were starting to get fed so I let Spyder eat first. Again, he was eating like it was his last meal. While he was eating, I decided to clean up my dressage saddle so I could ride in it. Since I committed to schooling Intro A on Saturday and I still had NO idea what the pattern was or where those letters can be found! Anyways, I thought that my dressage saddle was going to have stirrup leathers that were too long, but they were perfect. I worked in the round pen since I couldn't seem to find my safety stirrup rubber bands, and I wanted to use them in the event I didn't ride in the saddle well. It is SO comfortable! Spyder seemed to move in it just fine as I lunged him for a minute to see if he was comfortable.

He's always thrilled
He was bending perfectly and listening to every leg cue, awesome!!! ...until it all fell apart. He was doing w/t so well that I decided to see how the canter felt in my new (last summer purchase, and still had yet to use it) saddle. It puts me in a great spot for my posture, leg, and back so I can sit nice and tall to ask. Asking had gotten a TON better... he gets it! We're back to the kicking out issue. UGH! Last week, you probably read my post about coming off (in my jumping saddle which is forward to begin with), and yesterday, he was trying to get me on the ground again. I got kicking out in BOTH directions, and kept pushing him through and making him go on until he stopped. I was getting tired so I decided to hop off and see how he was without me on him. Perfect. No bucking/kicking out, and jumping the mounting block and water tub like a pro (crazy horse).

Oxers? No problem.
I got back on, and we got more kicking out so I worked him until he was too tired to do it. I was at the farm and working in the dark, oh joy. And this was supposed to be a quick ride to practice for Saturday? I cooled him out for a while because he was so hot/sweaty, and then he was just too cute in his stall. How could such an evil horse turn around and be so sweet again? I posted on Facebook with, "My ride started off with 'omg, I love this dressage saddle and Spyder bends so well!' and ended with 'I hate this horse today!' And so the questions come... what's wrong?

-Is he young and trying to get one over on me?
-Is he hurt? If so, what is bothering him?
-Does my saddle fit properly? If not, what do I need to do in order to find a fitter?
-Am I nagging him with my spur which is setting him off?
-Is something wrong with his teeth?
-Is his leg bothering him so he is exploding? He's not phased when I'm not on him.
-Is he frustrated because it's hard?
-Was working in the round pen too small?
-Is this just a phase like it was before?

All of these questions frighten me. I can't pinpoint what the issue is, and it seems like a lot is in the way of figuring it out. What steps do I take to start the process? The vet is coming on October 8 so I am looking to start there. Suggestions? This is all overwhelming and makes it hard to think about. Leading up to the saddle fitting issue, those bumps are still there. They are not sores, and they did not lose hair. They don't bother him, and I just don't get it. Then, I noticed that Spyder's winter coat is starting to come back in. Where the pad goes, there are a lot of white hairs. Is the saddle too tight? Is the pad irritating him? What's going on? Why now? He has filled out and gotten a lot of muscle so it COULD be the reason, too. I'm so stressed, and I'm probably just over thinking it. Let's hope that Saturday goes well.

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