Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wild Things

Spyder's not the wild one (except for that fall last ride, but he's over it). Oh, well maybe he is. He stepped on the girl's foot that feeds and would not get off then broke his halter in his stall while eating. The breakaway had stretched so far that the leather snapped so I punched another hole in it (with a screw because it's all I could find to use!). I did buy 2 new pieces of leather, but of course, they are no where to be found. Moving still has me unorganized and scrambling to find things at times. I'll have to rip apart the garage later.

Our ride on Sunday was GREAT! I was exhausted and my back and feet hurt, but I knew I needed to get to the barn because it always makes things better. In the near future, I won't be able to rider as often, and it'll only get worse with the hours of daylight disappearing. There were deer on the way out, there was one about 15 feet away that didn't run, and Spyder was perfectly OK with it even though he was looky. With about 20 deer (and some big bucks - male deer haha) you'd think one would be bound to scare him, but one saved that for later in the ride.
He's thrilled, but his halter is fixed, and that's my new tack trunk in the back.
BIG butt.

When we got out to the field, the deer were grazing and I noticed a HUGE red tailed hawk on the skinny jump. We got about 25 feet away from it, and it flew when tried I to get picture. I was expecting to see a coyote since I'd seen all other kinds of wild things, but none came out of the woods. We worked on w/t  and keeping our pace as we went past deer that ran, jumps that moved, and other "scary" things. He did so well that I decided to move on.

We cantered, and he didn't kick out . BUT he got his feet trimmed on Friday so I always take it easy on him since he gets cut pretty short (for his overreach issue). We did two of the x-rails and then headed back to the barn. It was feeding time, and the horses were all excited and looking at something next to Spyder's field. Once I got closer coming down the track, I noticed a deer on the side of the run in. I was hoping that he wouldn't spook being that we were headed towards the barn during feeding time. The deer took off for the woods about 20 feet away from us, and all Spyder had was a jump and spreading out all fours. He came back to calm and cool moment after, and we continued towards the barn. I think he passed the trail test x2!

"Little" feet. He got a pedi!
I was disappointed because I didn't have time to get everything into my new tack trunk. Chris dropped it off on Friday for me, and I can't wait to get everything organized and in there. It almost has my new initials on it as there is "J.O.J" painted on the side, and I am "J.A.J." The person that I share the tack space with thought that I had my own box that someone got for me and personalized it. It was Chris's grandmother's that passed away and I learned that someone had given it to her father, and it was that owner's initials. It would have been pretty neat if they were exactly mine!