Tuesday, February 25, 2014

President's Day Weekend

I got to ride twice President's Day weekend! WHOO! Sunday I hopped on, but it was way too cold to do much. I headed out to the track after tacking up, and I rode for maybe all of 20 minutes. I was cold and there was a lack of space to ride on due to the snow, ice, and wet ground (from Saturday - more snow.. YAY.. not). The track wasn't frozen, but there were giant puddles that were pure ice. When we would walk on the sand, all of the water would come up, and it eventually got pretty muddy (is sand muddy?) once we went up and down the one side. The other end was still covered in snow since it's by the trees so I got bored quickly. The grass was starting to show, but there was not enough space for riding so I hopped off.

I rode on Monday, on my day off, as well. I started to write this post and forgot to keep writing so of course I am at a loss for what the heck went on. I'm sure it was a quick and freezing cold repeat of what happened Sunday because of the snow, ice, and other weather related awfulness. Oh, I got out in the ring from the looks of a picture I took. Man, my memory is awful. We went through the water that didn't have ice in it to practice "water crossing" since there was sun (but don't be fooled, it was still SO COLD). Both days we stuck to w/t as I wasn't in the mood to get hurt more than my finger already is aching. Of course I'm riding with a hurt finger. I can't spare my mood for taking it easy.
Water Practice
Making me feel guilty for leaving
In love with his winter coat.