Monday, February 10, 2014

Slow to Type

I'm a bit slow to type due to this weekend's chain of events that led to a broken finger. Yes, my ring finger and middle finger on my right hand are taped together. It's the ring finger that's down. Good thing it's on the hand I use for EVERYTHING! I wanted to ride on Saturday, but Chris came down with a cold which he so generously passed on to me. We were couch bound all day and had an early night after watching the Olympics. Man, they can make you feel like you've accomplished nothing in life. Below is picture proof of how little I've accomplished, haha.

Selfie before the ride. Hahaha
Sunday, I woke up refreshed, but not 100%. I decided that it was the warmer of the two days, and I had to get to the barn. I took some meds and headed out after reading about April's hunt to find a dressage saddle on Facebook. She inspired me to put on my dressage saddle that hasn't been used since that schooling show we did. YIKES. I believe that my Instagram caption for the picture of the saddle on him was something like, "you can rip my legs off now." Anyways, I thought it was a great idea to ride on the track since we ended there with our last few rides. We traveled around 3/4 of the way around when KILLER DEER were spotted in the riding ring. Spyder has always seen deer in this ring, and he sees them all day when the 100's that live nearby cross through his field and even graze with the horses.

Result of 0 - 30 degree weather always = fluffy mess
Big deal! It's just some deer, get over it! I pushed him forward after he was noticeably excited/scared/whatever emotions horses feel. Since he was a bit on the peppy side, I was in my dressage saddle I never ride in, and we were both out of shape, I decided to give it the old "emergency dismount." I had one foot on the ground when he jerked back and for whatever reason, I didn't let the reins go. This is a signature move I have - front flips while holding the reins. This time I didn't flip, but one day, I'm going to get seriously injured from pulling a horse on top of me. I know this yet I keep doing it subconsciously, why? He stopped after pulling me about 10 feet which resulted in this broken finger. I think.

I walked the spooky horse towards the deer on foot and was hoping he wouldn't trample me with another fit. Explain to me why I thought this was a good idea? I got him past where the deer went in the woods and got back on in the ring. I rode for 40 minutes with a "broken finger" by holding it straight and having little to no stopping power. I got in a  few steps of canter, a few bucks, a few grunts, and then, I got a calmer horse. Not calm, calmer. I rode back to the barn and got off in one piece. Always get back on!

I was afraid to pull my glove off when it was throbbing, but I was glad to see no bones protruding from the skin when I warmed up to coping with what I'd see. It felt funny, but I never broke anything so I wasn't sure what happened. I went to my parent's for dinner (after food shopping like a weak baby), and it started to develop a blue bruise on both joints which progressed to purple by the time I got home. I got ready for bed and taped it after showering, and I am not coping with taped fingers. Hopefully I can get a splint that will do a better job at holding it straight, and give me an additional finger to work with. It's fine when it's extended and I can bend it, but it hurts to lift items and put weight on it. I looked up the time for it to heal, and it looks like 4-6 weeks. I don't have the patience to wait that long, and I'm sure I'll be back to destroying it this upcoming weekend with riding. I have off for President's Day, and I hope we get a nice weekend (nice as in 35 at this point)!

Moral of the story: don't trust too much, don't be so brave, maybe you aren't ready for trails solo
Finger in the blue - purple stage