Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Monday, I worked on the track with Spyder. We did a ton of transitions, backing up to work on the hind end, and lots of leg yields with some turning on the haunches. I decided to try to canter straight, and it was AMAZING going towards the barn. It was a little harder away from the barn, but we got it! :) There was one small bucky/reary issue (which I believe was excitement), but I rode through it like a champ. It was a GREAT ride, but I feel like I get more out of a ride with a challenge (yet I complain about them... ha!). It was such an easy ride, I was so happy. It instantly turned my Monday around.

Tuesday, I had a lesson with the BO. All of the horses were calling because they saw me and thought they were getting fed. Spyder was so far out in the field grazing by himself, and he looked up because they were making so much noise. He took off towards me with he most beautiful and graceful canter/gallop-ish gait all the way to the gate. How nice of him to warm up for me! I did give him some grain while I groomed and tacked up so he wasn't disappointed. We worked in the ring since we hadn't in a while, and we did a lot of keeping round, bending, and turning on the haunches with transitions. The 180 degree turn on the haunches then pushing into the canter was the best thing I think we've ever done as far as the transition goes. The difference in how he takes off is AMAZING, and I can't wait to try it on my own. I wonder if I can get some of that in with us being straight on the track.

There was (again) ONE instance of him throwing a fit in which he kicked out because he didn't like what I was asking. He'll go off the left leg all day long, but with the right, he was fighting me. He kept backing up instead of moving over even though he KNOWS what it means. I kept kicking and kicking until I got a little bit of a rear and then more backing up. I kicked and kicked and he kicked back! He kicked out, but I kept on him and we finally got it. The right is obviously so much worse, but we'll work on it. I felt like we got somewhere and there was a huge hurdle to overcome. I stayed with him, and we got there. Let's hope there are more days like this!

So far, I've ridden more than half the days in May! I can't wait for what this season will bring. I know it won't be as much riding because my next course started yesterday, but if we stay focused and work on things, we'll get far this year.