Friday, May 2, 2014

Weekend of Sun

Just what we needed. Sunshine and happiness! Friday night last week was all paper writing, Saturday morning, I worked on my paper then rode. I forced myself to do more of my paper after so that Sunday I could worry less and try to ride again. Don't worry, I got an A! :) I rode both days, too!

Saturday I decided to start on the lunge line. Umm, why? I figured if I was going to ever do a CTR, I should see how the circle on the line goes vs. the circle in the round pen. Both circles are quite the same... WHIP!? RUN, HOP, SKIP, JUMP, SQUEAL, TRIP, SKID OUT... "Look what I can do!" It was just awful. I kept my cool and he didn't pull on the line much, but it was obviously not working out. We do need to work on it, but I think we'll keep going with trotting in hand because it's been so nice (and controlled).

We did have one issue where Spyder's back leg appeared to give out. In research and watching videos, it "may" be a locking stifle. It's common and not something to get worked up about, but of course, I want him to be comfortable. For now, I'm going to monitor it (as it happens only at the canter, in a tighter circle, and very infrequently) and see if we can strengthen his hind end to make it better. I got on, and Spyder was an angel. I did bring the crop with me because I had a feeling he would be a bit testy, but he did great. We worked in circles and did a lot of stop go and cantering. There was no tripping or losing the hind end, and we worked in a frame often.

Sunday I just remember getting there later in the day (more paper writing) and him listening without the crop. No kicking or grunting - great! We did do a lot of leg yields and practiced neck reining (ha, what a joke). The hunter pace is TOMORROW, and I'm excited. My cold sore and pimple infested face is ready for some stress relief. Class starts again Tuesday, and I am looking forward to spending this weekend at the barn for as long as I can to calm my nerves with everything going on in my hectic life. Que the sunny and relaxing weekend. I do plan on getting out to the barn to get on Spyder tonight so tomorrow will be less of a hassle.

March was 68 miles, and April only 18.5... meh.