Friday, June 6, 2014

Ride 1 During Trial 2

I started the bute on Monday night (because who wants to get up early on a Monday?). I didn't ride until last night, Thursday, and I am still stuck thinking if it worked because of a few factors. 1) It's hot! 2) He had a week off. His overall attitude seemed a lot better. His shoulder is still clicking, but he didn't argue with me when I asked him to do things. He didn't trip in the front (for just a 20 minute ride), but he was still dragging his toes and not reaching as forward as he usually does. Asking him for the canter transition in the sand, he did have the stifle lock, but it was to be expected since he didn't have it during warm up, at walk, or at trot (and the sand is pretty deep).

There was no kicking out and no fussing, but in the morning before work, it's always a fiasco to get Spyder his bute. He's normally very good, but he's smart to pick up on situations and he knows it's coming. He HATES the taste and won't eat/drink after it for quite some time. He likes apples but not apple sauce and he doesn't trust me enough after bute to even take a mint or cookie which he loves (poor horse, hard life!). He's been picking through his grain and skipping hay which isn't like him so I've been keeping a close eye on his behaviors. I have seen him munching grass in his new field (they moved them to the swampy one to give the other field rest) with his new friend (a horse that was out with him, but is now on turnout 24/7 like Spyder).

He's fat and happy, and I plan to ride 1-2 more times before I am going to NC for a week on Sunday for work. BOO! So is the bute helping? Is it's short term/long term of a week's use upsetting his stomach? I feel bad because he doesn't want it, but I feel like it's at least doing something. Where do I go from here? Does the vet check out his shoulder? Do I get a chiropractor out? I have a week to give him off of bute while I'm gone to ride again when I get back. I hope there is a difference, and hopefully something is figured out soon.

...and happy birthday Spyder... he turned 7 on the 4th! Sorry about the bute that you hated for "your day" and get well soon!