Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I'm a bad blogger, I know. Anyways, I rode last week on bute and he was good for a second time on trial 2. I gave him off a week while I was away to come home to no bute. The ride was good, and he did have a few trips here and there with the stifle lock, but no fussing or visible anger. Weird? The hind end seemed fine, but the front end still had something going on.

The vet came the next day (Monday... yesterday), and was pleased with the hind end. How does it just fix itself? I got on to ride for another lameness examination and he didn't even have the stifle lock. To the right and left, he was good on a circle. He had a few buckling issues, and I let the vet know about the cracking I'd been hearing (from what I thought seemed to be his shoulder). We worked on tighter turns to find that he's sound going straight and to the right, but to the left, he buckles because his shoulder is prohibiting him from movement which is why we were getting the breaking into the canter. He uses the canter to pick himself up and correct his movement until it happens again on the next turn.

So now what? 1) What the heck? How'd the hind end manage to catch up? 2) Keep riding lightly - we need the hind end to keep moving so it doesn't have any further issues. 3) DMSO/Cortisone on the area that might be prohibiting the movement. 4) Front shoes with a roller so I can get moving on the riding/getting fit/rehab

The vet suspects bicipital bursitis, but test #3 will be the judge of that. The shoes should help him get his movement going better and the cortisone should get him moving better. Time will tell, but it's ever changing. Let's hope he doesn't have a switch back to the hind end again. Sheesh!