Thursday, August 28, 2014

Round Pen Blah's

He's still bored, still calling when I get there, and still running away from the fly spray like it's going to kill him. OK, not running, but walking quickly. I don't even have to put a lead on him to walk him as he just follows me around the pen which is cute. If I wasn't going on my lunch breaks, I almost wish I could just hop on bareback with a lead. Hand walking is similar, right? haha.

His swelling is a lot better and it's not as hot as it's been which is a plus. The hair that was shaved for the ultrasound is starting to come back in nicely, but I'm sure it'll get shaved again come October.  Sitting on a horse is going to cause all kinds of aches and pains the next time that happens. Here's to waiting and hoping for the best.

Oh, and I got my grade back for my last grad course before I can transfer into the full program. I got an A soooooo NO GMAT FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!