Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Last Two Rides

The last two rides haven't been that bad. He's reluctant to move, but we're working through it. Today, I hand walked him, and he decided that he wanted to buck and rear when asking to trot at the free lunge. He did try to come at me a few times, but I stood my ground. I ended up hopping out of the round pen because he turned into a wild horse. He was cantering, bucking, rearing, coming as close to me as he could without me threatening him with the lunge whip. FUN STUFF... NOT!

He worked up a sweat and I was cringing with each crazy step he was making. After he was done, I went back in, put him on a lead, and cooled him out walking him. He was much better after getting out the crazy, but I wasn't going to ask him to "trot" again for fear he'd end up hurting himself more. There was no heat on the bad leg, but it does look to just be swinging along for the ride more than usual. Let's hope it doesn't swell up and looks good next appointment. Next task, trot for 15 minutes.

Trailer floor is in, and I just need to get a few bolts added. I have to put the mat in and then practice driving it to see how it'll be confidence wise for the next appointment. Oh, and there was frost this morning when I woke up. Where are you spring?