Friday, June 5, 2015


So since the last post, a lot has happened, and I'll summarize those events.

The appointment went WELL! They could see even more healing in the ligament and I began to canter as a result of the good news. Spyder is living in the round pen until we canter for 5 minutes for a week (this week), and I'll put him out solo in a pen with grass. Once I see that he behaves, I'm going to put him back in his old field with the other 5 or so horses. I am going to turn him out and look away because I don't want to see him run! We've been up to 20 minutes of trot for some time. I doubt he'd be trotting/cantering in the field for extended periods of time, but it's still nerve racking. The old injury in that same RF is still visible, and the heart mur mur is the same.

Now, it's time to look for a better fitting saddle. I've been using my jumping saddle if I take lessons or ride other horses, but my dressage saddle has been working out well for Spyder. He lost his top line which makes it hard to decide on the timeline for when I should start trying some, but I look forward to it! The trailer is back in order (took him to the appointment myself), and I plan on getting off the farm every now and then. Spyder and I have been so bored for so long that it's going to be nice!!

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Spyder! He turned 8 yesterday!