Wednesday, April 27, 2016

2016 "Show"

I had a lesson Saturday. It was flat work and lots and lots of circles to get Spyder moving off of my leg. Since we skipped jumping (he behaved),it was just 30 minutes. I worked on his canter to trot transitions in a circle in hopes of working on some dressage tests sooner rather than later. I couldn't decide if I wanted to do the open 4-h show the next day until the next day, but he was so good, I was really considering it.

Sunday, I woke up late, but I still got my butt and trailer to the barn to get Spyder out for a bit. I thought about doing some of the walk/trot classes, but instead, we just schooled. He was quite himself in the beginning, squirming and having his way with where he wanted to go, so I hopped off and got the crop. With a crop in hand, he threw one cow kick out but continued on as he was told. We even worked on some cantering at the fairgrounds (because usually he tried to pace when he's nervous). He held his canter and was calm as a clam. Good horse.

When I got home, I usually pull the truck and trailer around for my husband to park it, but this time, I decided it was worth a shot to back up for the first time. I have the basic concept down from years of going out on the boat and figured it was about time. Well, I did better than expected, and I backed the trailer all the way down the driveway without having to pull up and start over. I did all of this without hitting the grass, too! It's pretty straight! I love this little trailer! :)