Thursday, April 21, 2016

Some Updates

So it's been a while. Grad work and some health issues have been getting in the way of my riding. When I do get to ride, I take it easy because of my leg (achielles tendonitis that's got me going to physical therapy) and Spyder's bad leg. Go figure, we both have a right leg issue.

Anyways, with the 30 mins of riding for pleasure and 2 lessons back, we started some moving forward exercises. Some small jumps with trot and canter poles have given us a lot to work on. We need rhythm and balance and it's getting there. We both are recovering from a long winter of nothing and injuries so we'll definitely be taking it slow.
I need to find some clinics and events to trailer to in the near future. We're ready to take our progress off the property and enjoy the scenery. 

Also, Spyder got his mane chopped off after his big day of little jumps. Haha. Pictures of him all bathed and the setup are below. Trot poles on the left, trot to canter jumps in the middle, canter poles on the right (which he can't handle, but tries).