Thursday, July 18, 2013

Happy Horse

I updated my last blog with a funny comment from someone taking pics at the show. Warmblood/Standardbred... same thing, right? Hahaha

Tuesday, I got to farm and I was sweating just sitting there. We've had this crazy heat wave which should bring us into the 100's today and tomorrow. Sheesh! I am still hoping to have the wedding ceremony outside next weekend so I'm hoping it cools off for a long enough period of time. We should be seeing the 80's again next week. I feel bad because Spyder is probably sweating up a storm, but I have comfort in knowing he's the boss. He'll be the one in the shed, and I've also seen him play in the water tub.

Oh, and I am not happy with how he's looking. He's definitely more fit, but that's balancing down his weight. He's not skinny by any means, but he's looking more like he did when he raced. His food is up since he's working harder and he keeps busy stomping flies all day. I'm REALLY not happy with the "rib" look. :(

I tacked up quickly to get to riding and get Spyder hosed. His feet are looking better, as the hoof isn't as contracted. I've been working on it thanks to comments from that post. I put a check for the farrier at the barn so I'm hoping he gets done this week. His over reach isn't too bad, but the flies are giving him all kinds of  cracks and chips. I got on after having to fight with him over grass, and I am teaching him that it is rude to put his head down when someone is trying to get on. I used my dressage whip to remind him that he wasn't supposed to eat. I got on, and the whip was a fun item to hold because he KNEW I had it. Again, we need to work on the fact that it means "do something"  vs. "speed up". Obviously a whip with racing meant FASTER so it's been a fun process!

Another rider and pony came over to the farm for schooling jumps and xc so we rode in the big ring with them for a bit. Spyder was excited and acted up in the dressage ring, but I kept him focused and put him right back on task. I was proud of how I handled his attitude. All he wanted to do was look at the pony. We did w/t/c in dressage ring, and the canter to the right is still unbalanced which makes it less than enjoyable and not easy for either of us. I don't know what we're going to do to work on it, but I need a plan. We did some w/t/c in field, and worked over jumps. There were a lot of ground poles set up so we worked on a "course" which was basically making sure we could steer to all of the obstacles. There was a decent cross rail set up, and we did the wishing well. Spyder gets bored with jumps easily so we'll have to work them up higher. I just get lazy once I'm already on and don't like getting off to set jumps. Good horse! He got a hosing session which he's come to really enjoy with this heat.

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