Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tuesday Makes x3

Oh wow, 3 days in a row! This really never happens, but I am glad it has. With the wedding approaching in a few weeks (less than 3!), I need time to get away from the planning. Still, I have yet to become a Bridezilla and no one understands! Haha... Anyways, Spyder is looking fit, and we're really learning to work together which has made me so happy. He's a MUCH happier horse when being ridden, too!

Of course my drive over to the barn was a rainy one. After I changed into my riding clothes, it was still raining, but I was hopeful it would stop. I got all of my tack out, and sure enough, it stopped while I was grooming Spyder in his stall. He was already in and finished eating when I got there which sped things up. We did another quick ride (25-30 minutes) because he's getting it. There were so many "good notes" to end on that I had trouble stopping. With 15 minutes in, I figured I should push a little harder. Since everything was wet (yet again), I worked on the track in our circle from the day befor.
We're staying in the lines... kind of.
Again, walk with the bend and trot with the bend... then on to canter. We can steer to the left, but with the open space and new area, he tends to move towards the barn and really pull to the right. We end up on the grass and cantering sideways because his body goes left, but I turn his head right. We'll have to come back down a few speeds to work on steering and position/bend a bit more because we're both not getting it in that direction. I'd hate to see what it looks like from on the ground! Again, the right was a bit pacey as he couldn't hold it as long. I'm glad we've finally got that buck/kicking out thing over with for the most part because it makes the ride a lot more pleasant for both of us.