Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Monday's a Drag

Monday's are always a drag, and so I went to the farm to lighten up the day and my mood.

Yesterday, my drive to the farm was into a storm. I got there at 530, and the 30% chance of thunderstorms led to a  down pour until after 6. When I left work, it was 94ish, and it was 71 after my 25 minute drive through rain. Thunder and lightening scared some of the horses out of their sheds, and I just sat in my car to watch the storm pass. I enjoy a good storm! The rain lightened up so I went to grab my tack to clean it if it didn't stop. I saw Spyder in the shelter which made me realize why he stays so clean. He was hanging out of the run in because  he heard someone coming. He didn't want to come out in the rain, but his ears got wet being so curious. He was happy to see me, but wasn't coming out to get wet.

Storm on the way to the farm
Spyder looking out at me in the rain.

I got super close to rabbit, too! I know, it's just a rabbit, but it was cute!

Cute little thing!
Since the rain stopped, I grabbed Spyder to tack up (of course, it's better than cleaning tack). I had a quick ride which was about 25-30 minutes on the track. I figured that was the least wet place since everything was saturated, and it is nice because you can see where you are working. The goal was to keep close to the same circle we started with. We worked on bending right and moving off of leg at the walk which I did without a dressage whip but not well. Up to the trot, we fell apart again, but I worked on it back at the walk and kept moving up until we got it.

Even when it rains, it's the perfect place to ride.
We were doing so well to the right, I tracked left, and again, the good side was on par. We worked up to canter and picked up a great left lead canter. To the right, he still can't hold it as well, but I cut him some slack since we were on the sand which he is not used to. I cooled out as much as I could before the crazy feeding time began where the one horse busted out of the gate (as usual), and there was another loose horse to catch. I put Spyder in the round pen to grab the one that was out, and then he ate while I put everything away. I didn't clean my tack for the benefit show on Saturday, but hopefully I will find time later this week.

Oh, and Spyder has a new tactic when he doesn't feel like doing anything. He'll turn his butt to me in his stall and put his head in the opposite corner. I have to walk over and get him! He's a smart horse which is always a challenge. Below is his "please let's not do this right now" face. :)

Attempting to "hide"