Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 in Review

Well, for Spyder...
  • The canter got better
  • Jumping got more frequent and higher
  • Less nipping
  • Better ground manners
  • First dressage test - awesome score, but items to work on
  • Working through issues - I got more brave at dealing with it
  • Less spook - because I trust him more
  • More brave - Each ride is like nothing bad ever happened, new motto of the past year
  • Danny Warrington clinics - made me realize being pushed would create quick progress
  • Trailer purchase - 2014 will be fun!
  • Hunter pace - First place without trying. Can't wait for more!
  • Trail rode off-farm - the hunter pace gave me a whole new level of respect for Spyder - more fun overall
  • Wedding - Holy 2013!
  • Dog - Adopted the most fun little mutt from AC Humane Society (I'll have to post his story)
  • House - Sold the first home and purchased the second. A massive project but a lot of reward!
  • Painting, painting, and more painting. You have to paint a lot when your new 2,700 sq ft room is almost all wallpaper, ugh! Worst invention, EVER!
  • said.
Goals for 2014
  • Get off the farm with the trailer... a truck would help.
  • Canter straight. Stupid, but I can't even think of where to start
  • Do a CTR or the like - there is a trail riding group in the area that should be helpful with this
  • Look into endurance - ask questions, network, decide if it's a fit
  • Another hunter pace - pony club is scheduled to do another in April, I'm in!
  • More trails - need to explore around the farm
  • De-spooking - he doesn't spook much, often, but what fun it'll be to play with pool noodles and plastic bags
  • Clinic - do one, do something