Tuesday, January 28, 2014

No Riding, Just Skiing

I didn't get to ride this past weekend because I was away skiing in PA, but it was SO cold I wouldn't have wanted to (and we got more snow Saturday). I did take off next Monday after the superbowl for our VT trip. VT skiing is 100% better than the Poconos, but both help pass the winter months. I do feel guilty not being able to ride for 2 weeks, but the lows are just brutal. I keep telling myself that for every week that passes, we get more and more daylight. Now, if only we could get warmer nights so I could ride after work!

This weekend was fun and enjoyable getting on the slopes both days, and we even got some hot tub and quad riding time in the snow with plenty of needed relaxing. I need more weekends like this to switch up my poor mood.

Here are some pics from this weekend...
Quadding by the lake.
We look like marshmellows
Elk Mountain lift
Yes, I have junior skis.