Monday, January 6, 2014

Riding in the Snow - 99th!

Happy almost 100th post to me!

I went to the barn on Sunday because it was close to 50 degrees. From the 8-10" of snow, we were down to about 6 since I went later in the day. I was slipping and sliding down the driveway at the barn because people had driven over the snow so it was slushy and wet with some ice. I didn't care that it was disgusting and not the best riding conditions (with just 4" left at the farm), I just needed to get out of the house! I worked from home on Friday for the storm since travel conditions were tough, and this was the first opportunity with the "warmth" to venture out without ice on the roads. Last night, it rained a poured and went back to 50 degrees, and I woke up to no snow. I'd prefer rain over snow, hands down and today at lunch, it was starting to become a wintry mix again. So we have -5 degrees, then 8" snow, then 50 degrees, then rain and thunder, then wintry mix, and tomorrow, back to 17 degrees. Tonight, 7! AHH! Whacky, right? This coming weekend looks like 50 so I might be able to get in another ride. If only it would dry out! How does 12 hours change the temperature 30 degrees +? These poor horses must be so confused.

I tacked up in the slush and ventured onto the track. I figured that'd be the best terrain being it's the flattest. I warmed up with a walk to make sure that there was no ice under the snow. We did hit a few spots that were lower where we broke through ice, but nothing bothered Spyder. Once I got bored of the track, I went out to the ring to find deer that were trying to get by on the little grass that we could see. Once we got bored there, I went back to the track to trot a bit on the areas where I walked. Spyder was bored so we decided to brave it out and go around the track. I headed towards the house thinking that if anything happened, maybe they would see me. I forgot my phone at home so I didn't want to fall off, but I thought this was a good idea? It was a ton of fun, and Spyder kept his cool. The snow was beautiful, and the only tracks were those of rabbits and deer... lots of deer. I wish I had pictures, but my phone was on the counter when I got home. I don't want to say I hope it snows again, but it wouldn't hurt to get some nice shots around the barn in the snow. I just need a sleigh. No one else was out at the barn, yet again!

I'm excited for spring because I want to get off the farm and have people to ride with. I'm excited that I've gotten braver, and I trust Spyder to try new things (even in the snow). He's come a long ways, and I couldn't be happier with what 2013 has brought us. Bring on 2014!