Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Back from Vacation

I am back from vacation in Alaska (will post some pics to Facebook soon), and I did ride twice now with the shoes on (before I left). They didn't seem to do anything nor did the week of DMSO/Cortisone. I warmed up with a lot of walk and can only trot - no turning to the left, either. The trot was still a mess both days, but his attitude has been better from not getting ridden much/at all in the past few months.

Spyder's sat for about 10 days now with no treatment since my last "ride" so I plan on getting in a light ride (in the shade) because it'll be so hot. I am worried to see if it's the same or better, but if anything, it hasn't gotten worse. I really hope I am able to get on whatever this may be and move forward as these past months have been so boring and have been worrying me like crazy.