Thursday, July 17, 2014

More News

And so it's not the knee or below either...

The walk was great, to the right was great, and to the left is still a mess at the trot (2/5 on the scale). The slower he goes, the better his dragging leg can catch up, but he still hops up to burst into the canter or trips to make himself right again. The swelling is still there, and his week off  will hopefully bring that down. He got an injection of bute to decrease his swelling from the strain as well as the nerve blocking from the day before.

Next steps? New Bolton Center Hospital. They are a HUGE facility that is part of the University of Pennsylvania's network for veterinary care. They have many facilities, and New Bolton is the spot for large animals. They have everything that Spyder would ever need to be diasnosed in one place. First, they are going to block the shoulder/elbow. If they find something, more tests will be done to get to the bottom of his lameness. If they don't find anything in that area, they will move into diagnosing the problem with all of the equipment at their disposal.

I have contacted a company that will do the shipping, and Spyder will get his very own box stall in the trailer for the ride there and back. I am hoping that he doesn't need to stay and that the results will bring us news of recovery, but time will tell. Of course, I have a work trip that got scheduled yesterday, so we'll have to wait another week before the appointment. The referral is getting called in today so I'll be able to set it up for the week of the 28th. I am nervous, anxious, and excited to get to the bottom of this which all leads to excitement and stress. I know that we'll find out something, and I just hope it's good news.