Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Ride Tonight

It started off OK. Spyder was happy to see me since it's been a while. He was peppy, excitable, and didn't display any sign of pain. Once I got on, that was another story. We went to the right as we can't make sharp left turns. I did a ton of walk warm up before going to the left, but staying on a wide, open circle. We turned back around to trot tracking right which went well. I decided to make a HUGE loop to go back to trot left, MISTAKE! He was a tripping mess and couldn't bring his leg up so he kept lurching and skipping into a canter to correct his movement.

Going back to the right, I could tell he was a bit uneasy. I decided to end it there with lots of stretching and walking around the barn. We stayed in the shade the whole ride since it was close to 90, and I spent time with him after. We went to the wash stall to cool off, Spyder drank from the hose, and I took him to some taller grass to graze. I took him back to the barn for a ton of fly spray and put him back in his field (which is still the alternate field). His field he'll be going back into soon looks great with so much grass. I'm sure he'll be happy to get back in there.

I put in a call for the vet to let her know that he was off with the DMSO/Cortisone, but it wasn't off like 10 days of being off/untreated. I am hoping that I get a call back soon with the steps we need to take to get to the bottom of this. I do have the "suspect" information written on my last invoice, and we can try to block the suspensory or inject the bicipital bursa. Either way, I hope something works. The stress levels are high and I can only hope that a miracle will happen at this point. I have no idea if he'll ever be sound considering we don't know the issue after weeks/months of treatments. While I'm glad the hind end sorted out, I'm not so sure I'll have the same luck with the front end.