Monday, May 13, 2013

Friday Fun

Friday I got to the farm and brought Spyder in to feed before I rode. He always acts like he is going to die if we're not far enough away from the barn during feeding time. It's really annoying to me to have to deal with him so we've been working on his issue with food. When I bring him in, I brush him and work around him eating. When I first got him, he was super ANGRY when you'd be near him eating. Now, I know that nature calls, and if he were in the field, he'd be making sure no one took his food... BUT there are times at shows when your horse needs to eat in a stall while you groom or you may want to take off the saddle in the stall since you have no where to tie them. This is why we've been working on that. I don't need a horse to be angry with me being in the stall... even if they are not eating. So Spyder, get over yourself! He's been getting better! It's really fun walking him by the hay when they are putting it out in the paddocks too! :)

As for the ride, he was pumped since I didn't ride since Saturday. He got a lot of time to clear his head, but he's falling out of shape. Wish that my house wasn't taking up so much of my time, but it will be over and I'll be back to riding... then, the wedding! We got out to the big ring and walked around a bit since it seemed like he'd be so looky. I was happy it was so warm because I love the heat and I knew he would be up to less tricks! He was calm and so we did our w/t/stop practice. The brakes and steering are working SO much better than before!

Since the w/t/stop was going well, I moved on to cantering which was PERFECT! He was a little lazy/out of shape (aka not liking the sudden heat), but I pushed him through wanting to stop a bunch and even got away from circles some! I started in the place we always would do our circles for him to get the idea, then moved to other areas in the field. He would pick it up in almost any place that I asked. WHOO! We're getting the cue down! I was asking him on straight lines vs the circle and seeing if he could hold it. We were cantering for a while, but being out of shape, warm, and having a weak leg, I didn't push too hard. I was happy with him just picking it up, and I am so happy to finally be getting it! He's such a fun horse and he tries so hard for me... this time, with no kicking out! :) Hopefully I'll get a ride in a day or two this week, but I have to paint before the carpets come on Monday! AHH!