Thursday, May 9, 2013

Have to Rant

So I haven't been able to get out to the barn this week. My life has been ripping apart our new house. We've got WAY too much to do between the wallpaper, trashed flooring, and PAINT! I have to paint to get the carpets and hardwood installed, but it's a lot to get completed after work when it's getting dark. Ahh! Hopefully this weekend I can get some done, but I also want the opportunity to ride. Mother's Day is also an event that will keep this weekend's schedule interesting and hectic.

On to more ranting... I know that other people have stb's and they are used for all sorts of disciplines. Have you come across those people that say "they aren't bred for that" or "what do you plan on doing with him?" It's super frustrating to hear, but I see plenty of people doing whatever they want with them... and they do it. Stb's will do anything they are asked to do. They try REALLY hard, and they are capable. Why is it that the questions always come up? Yes, it's not as easy as having a "normal" horse, but they can do anything that any other horse can do. OK - rant over as I can keep going on this topic for hours, but no need to make anyone bored.

On another note, it's nice to connect with people to see what they look like and what their life is about. Who is on Facebook? My profile is always full of life updates, current events, and horsey pictures. Find me on Facebook.