Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MDW Videos

OK. So no need to judge the riding. It was a quick ride, and I was just showing Chris what Spyder has learned. Since I haven't been riding consistently, my leg is terrible and my posture worse! I am a rocker at the canter (Dom would say, "Stop humping your horse/saddle!"), and I am posting forward (with my big butt flopping all over the back of the saddle). I know! Always nice to see the reality of your terrible ways through video.

Progression of the ride per the last blog... YouTube video comments explain the deal. Don't mind the frustration/awful noises coming from me when he tries to break or get lazy.


Trot to Halt.

Canter to Halt.

Pacey Transition to Canter.

Pacey Transition to Canter and Back Down to Halt.

Canter to Walk.

Trot to Jump to Canter (He tried to launch into canter at first)

Jump to Canter - Broke and Picked it Back Up