Monday, May 6, 2013

Lots going on!

Finished my first graduate course which was a relief, but we just got into our new house! Lucky us the man finally decided to give up and move out, but the house is DISGUSTING! We had to rip out all of the carpets because he didn't always get home to his dogs, and they would be left in the house. Right now, we have a 30 yard dumpster in the yard FILLED. Blah!

 Unhooking the gate - quietly looking at deer.
On a lighter note, I did get to ride despite the construction/war zone in my new house. Saturday was beautiful, and the deer were in plenty. There were about 15 in the big field when we got out to the ring, but Spyder just looked! Whoo! I knew it was going to be a good ride.

 I got off to get the gate, hopped back on, and we went right to work. I did the stopping practice that Danny helped us with until he wanted to listen. He was listening, and responding to every single command within an instant. We cantered both directions, and there was no kicking out!

Looking at the deer running and not caring!
From there, we did the same steering and speed exercise that we learned. I could tell that listening and practicing paid off because we could do it! There was a grid set up, and I used those jumps to run through out serpentines. I was balanced, my posture was better, we kept our pace, and we steered! :)

Listening perfectly!
On the way back to the barn, I decided to do something different. We rode away from the barn up the track and did a mini trail. I didn't want him to be too upset going by himself, and I want to take it slow since I was nervous, so we followed along the perimeter of his paddock where his pasture mates were eating hay. I figured he would be more calm, and we went through the woods and past the cross country jumps quietly. There were deer in the cross country field, and he did stop for a moment, but I let him since it was better than acting up/running away. YAY for us! I feel like I have more confidence now that I know we can steer and stop! :D