Thursday, June 20, 2013

Getting it Back

Sunday I rode which was WONDERFUL because I've been slaving away to the new house. I got the pool open so after riding I went for a swim. I HATED the pool the first week because I never had one (and couldn't get it right), but now I find it nice and relaxing after hard work around the house or a challenging ride.

I thought Sunday would be more challenging since I didn't ride since Tuesday, but I am very lucky to have a horse that can sit for any amount of time. He was super attentive, and moving his hindquarters over has become much easier. He's such a great horse for listening and understanding, but he still has days where he "forgets" everything we've worked on. Those are the days he doesn't want to go! We did the w/t and moving into the bit thing a bunch as well as cantering. He got in one nice kick out and a HUGE squeal! We just kept going like it didn't happen, and that was the end of it. He's quite the talker. If he doesn't want to go, he'll moan and groan the whole ride. When he's excited or being naughty, he'll squeal, and when he sees you get to the farm, he'll knicker. It's cute, but the squeals and moaning and groaning are a bit annoying. Is your life really that hard?

I got to ride yesterday, as well. It's been nice and cool because we've had way too much rain! I read that 16/18 days of June had rain. Last time we got this much (over 7" so far) was 1958. Also, we had a much cooler summer other years we got a lot of rain. I think one summer had 8 days over 90 and the other, 13. I can take that...especially because my wedding ceremony is set to be outside! He's much happier when it's cooler, but that doesn't mean he's any more willing to work!

I didn't get any moaning and groaning yesterday, but got a bit of excitement from the deer. Our ride went well, and we got to canter a bunch. I kept the ride to 30-40 minutes between warm up and getting out the the ring, but my main goal was ending on a good note. We trotted around a jump, and he had a bit of attitude towards the end of the ride (which should have been the end of the ride) so we did circles until he wanted to relax. Sorry that it's feeding time and you're sooooo starved Spyder, but listen. He didn't want to calm down so I just kept pushing him into a canter. We're still trying to get straighter lines down so I probably look like an idiot cantering around with an outside open rein, but I have to pull him over and push him to get him on a "bigger circle" since straight doesn't work.

After we cantered and he seemed as if he was calmer, we did a halt. Mr. anxious still didn't want to listen so he just had to stand quietly for the ride to be over. I should have ended the ride at 20 minutes while things were going good, but this was great for both of us. He had to listen and I had to be the boss. Our halt took a lot of fighting, head tossing, muscle power, and backing, but he finally stood still for a reasonable amount of time.

Heading back to the barn, I was mean and made him THINK we were headed out of the gate... then turned him. He needed just one more test of being a good listener before the reward of his grain. I put him in his stall and brushed him while he was eating, and he wasn't even angry about it. I found out that treats > feed because I pulled out the container during his indulgence. Normally his face doesn't come up or away from the bucket more then 2" to guard his ration of feed, but the sound of the treats got his attention away from the bucket.

Lately, I've been super happy with where we are, and I feel like things are finally coming together with our riding, understanding, and learning curve. Hopefully this wedding I have in a month and a week goes as smoothly. :)