Friday, June 28, 2013

Wednesday and Thursday Fun

[I updated last post with pictures for further opinions!]

Wednesday was another hot one, and when I say hot, I mean hotter than usual. Usually it's much warmer this time of year. We've been getting so much rain which has really screwed up my riding schedule as well as my mood! We did w/t/c, but he didn't want to go to the right at the canter. UGH, Spyder. I know it's hot, but it was my goal to get him to canter to the right even if it was just for a few steps. We finally got it after a lot of fussing!

Since it was so hot, we worked on our square which was walking to a halt on the corner and pushing his hind end over to turn in the next direction. We worked on the track by the ring so we could see the lines, and I was happy he behaved. He thought he was going back to his paddock or stall to eat, but we worked for a bit longer on those "buttons". I hosed him down after the ride, and you could tell he appreciated it!

Thursday it cooled off a lot because there was a storm coming (surprise, surprise) and tornado warnings. The wind was AWESOME for a ride considering it's been so hot. He was a lot happier to work with than the day prior!

We did some w/t/c canter in field, and used a much larger area than usual. Again, we had a hard time to the right, but it was easier than last time. Even with the commotion in the woods (mowing of the trails), he was such a well behaved horse! The wind was blowing like crazy, and nothing seemed to phase him. I finally feel like we're both more trusting as things are getting easier.

I went out on track and trotted because they were feeding so we took a few laps up and down the area we've walked on for a while. I have yet to turn the corner where you can't see the barn, but hopefully we'll get there soon. I went over to his stall area and worked on moving his front end without the hind end. How fun! It took him just 2 days of working on it, and we can do a full circle like we're some sort of western reining team. OK, it's not that fast, but it's still exciting.

He ate and I hosed him down since he worked up quite a sweat from our lovely canter out in the open! :)