Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's Love

Looking back on my horse decision, I didn't always think it was always the best choice, but I have come to realize my horse tries harder than any I have ever known. Sunday I got to ride after a long weekend of working on the house, and it was such a dream. I felt good, Spyder was happy, and we worked as a team through our ride.

I worked in the dressage ring on my position, our speed, and with wide hands/pressure on the bit until he wanted to cooperate. From there, we worked on our stopping and moving off of leg with just the hind end like we did earlier in the week. He's starting to really get it, but he's still not 100% on what I'm asking. Like everything else, we'll get there.

I went out into the field and worked on our trot around the perimeter of the entire field. The jumps were tempting, but most of them were much too high for what I'd feel comfortable doing (on Spyder). We did one "skinny jump" and Spyder jumped it so well that I left it at that (and a few ground poles). For never doing a course or anything "extreme", he tries so hard to make me happy! Steering and responsiveness are so much better; therefore, I feel like I'm more willing to try new things. We worked on our canter, and it was perfect. We rode and rode and rode (for a 40 minute total ride time.. haha) like we'd been cantering all along. I was sitting up, sitting back, and I wasn't hanging on his mouth like I usually do. We still need to work on getting straight, but the bigger loops seem to be helping.

On the way back, the BO called because she had his wormer. He's always expecting food or treats when I get off so it was the perfect time to sneak up on him with the paste. He was so mad at me for giving it to him that he turned his butt towards me and stared into the corner of this stall! I'm such a terrible owner, I know. I did give him treats after because I felt bad (and he was happy again). I decided to hose him off since it was nice out and I had a bit of time to spare... aka wanted to relax and be outside. <3 this horse. His personality and heart are worth more than anything.
Oh, treats? I like you again.

Now I remember what you did.

Wormer mouth, but still begging.

Side note, my new house is coming along well and the riding breaks from working on it are what keeps me sane. I opened our pool this weekend, and it's getting there. I wish that Spyder could come swimming, but I'll have to settle for a dog at home. The wait is killing me... UGH!