Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Split in the Heel

I have Googled a lot, but you know how that goes... everyone has a different story or suggestion. Spyder has a split in between his heel bulbs (front only, and one is worse than the other). Thrush? I know I need to get a picture for the proper analysis, but initial thoughts? He's not bothered by it at all, and his frogs are good and there is no sign of thrush anywhere else. Do I just keep treating for thrush or is there some hidden secret I'm not aware of. I'm sure the mud and riding in the wet grass don't help, but I do clean it every ride.


Snapped a few quick shots. Ignore the blur as he was moving and the dirt.. he was eating and didn't want to be bothered.

Circles the area, the arrow points to where the heel bulb is funky and you can see "funk"
Crack up the middle, and the two small circles show the bulb areas that are worn away
Picture without markups
Close up