Wednesday, October 2, 2013


April's horse Shadow and Spyder are related on the No Nuke's side. I've been doing some research just because I was interested in finding out more about the background, and it's seriously insane that they can be traced back to before I even thought possible (1600's). I wanted to see what breeds I could find, and there are actually a lot that make up Spyder (and Shadow).

I've gone through the No Nukes side where I've found breeding from a lot of thoroughbred, morgan, barb, arabian, trotter, hackney, saddlebred, tennessee walker, and angloarabian thoroughbred (whatever that is) horses. I figured I'd keep this separate so April could read that,too.

Exploring the Abercrombie, Most Happy Fella, Laag, and Tyler B lines, I found that most all stb's tie back to one another (I read this, but never looked for myself). Volomite, Messenger, and Abercrombie were those that I kept seeing the most on every side. From this is more hackney, morgan, trotter, arabian, morab?, thoroughbred, barb, etc.

This is Laag which is how Spyder's mom came about with the gray color. Reading into this more, melanoma is a terrifying thing which is big on this side, AHH! :(
Spyder's great grandfather