Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Quick Ride on Thursday

I had this all typed up and ready to go, but then I overwrote it on my phone. UGH!

Daylight this fall is in short supply, and it is really starting to get to me. The rides are getting shorter and my motivation and happiness less. Since I was in Georgia until Wednesday, Spyder had off Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I got on Thursday, and the barn was lively! Someone trailered in for a lesson so they were using the jumping ring, and another rider was in the dressage ring. Spyder was excited to look at what was going on, and we went out to the ring despite it being used - just stayed clear of both riders. We trotted the perimeter of the field nicely - first on a loose rein and then we worked on consistency and bending.

The rider in the dressage ring headad back to the barn so we went through Intro A to work on some things. We were straight to X, but he didn't want to trot at C. It took until after M to get it so we need to work on responsiveness. Again, Spyder HATES forward. Cluck, kiss, talk, crop, spur, nag, ask, tell, DEMAND, and he doesn't want to hear any of it. He was cranky, but we got through it, and his 20m circles were nice. We did a bit of loose rein trotting around the dressage ring and worked on some transitions. We worked on walk to canter and canter to trot, and he wasn't Mr. Grumpy. We ended there on good note after about 25 minutes. I was happy that I didn't get any kicking out, and I feel like he could move better because I moved my saddle back away from his shoulder. We'll see if that helps his attitude a bit more when being asked to canter, but we really need to work on FORWARD.

This week, I hope to get in a few rides where I can work out a plan and come up with a solution to the forward issue using less aids. The vet is out today so we'll see if I get any answers there. This rain is going to kill my riding this week (this time of year, we get the aftermath of all of the hurricanes from the south). This weekend, the equestrian club from Stockton (where I went to college and reactivated the club being it didn't exist when I got there and I was excited to join before I even got accepted), is going to take a trail ride at the farm. If it's nice Saturday, I'm going to consider meeting up with them because I need to practice for our next outing, a hunter pace! He hasn't been in the woods much, and he certainly hasn't done it around a lot of horses so it'll be a great start to see how he'll act at the end of the month's event.

For throw back Thursday last week, I instagramed a photo of my very first pony, Reebok! I am the blonde with my younger sister (the middle child) behind me. I have so many good memories of this cute little guy!