Friday, October 18, 2013

Group Ride Wednesday

I did the treat trick again to save my boots from the mud. It look 1 minute and 30 seconds to get Spyder walking from the back corner to the gate... not bad. I'll take the little wait for the clean shoes!

I rushed to the barn to tack up since I had plans to ride with one of the girls that trailers in (the one I talked about prior that also feeds most nights) I ended up riding with the 2 K's at the barn: the other that I'm doing the pace with. We're all going to the hunter pace so it was great to ride together. We had another little girl from the other farm ride over with the K that trailered in to the farm next door. We rode out to the big ring to get in some riding time, and it was a ton of fun!

At first, it was like a circus. We didn't have rhythm and we were just riding all over the field. We were all jumping different jumps and turning towards each other so it made for some paying attention. What better practice for the show this weekend? Spyder and I did some of the jumps that we don't normally do since we were in the company of others - the stone wall jumps that are beat up (and are missing the top so they are extra scary), the wishing well, a bunch of cross rails, and the brush box thing without the brush. Spyder had no idea what was going on as we don't ride with anyone rather than 3 other horses, and he behaved so well!

Spyder's behavior was so great so K that feeds decided to get on him. She always wanted to ride a stb, and I got on Sassy, the pony she rides (last post talk). Sassy is a fun little pony, but I'm not really sure how K deals with her feisty attitude and endless need to canter everywhere. Her trot is so cute, but she tosses her head a lot. You almost feel like she might rear she gets it up and back so far. K is brave for jumping a pony like that! Her "going round" is backing up to no end. I do think she'll do that all day before she gives to the bit. They are going to get her teeth checked because she's not into the bit AT ALL! She loves riding her so much, and you really get used to the horse you are on.. this was proof! I then traded ponies with the girl that followed K over to get on the one I used to lease/lesson on in college and right before I found Spyder. He's AMAZING and I cantered him for a circle just to be on a "normal" horse.

Pony I used to lease with his owner & the brush/box jump
K that feeds
K on my hunter pace team
Once we got through jumping and trading ponies, we headed back, and Spyder was so happy to eat. For once, he didn't act out in rage because everyone else was getting fed. Again, no spurs called for some great riding, and K even got him to canter for her (and jump a cross rail). I'm excited to be getting my happy horse back. :) The hubby and I picked up the trailer last night, but either the wiring is wrong, the bulbs, or something is up with the truck. The parking lights stay on, but we drove 1.5-2 hours without blinkers and brake lights (through some rain), and it was not fun at all! I'm glad that it's home safe for us to work on the lights, and I think that we might fix the one part that could be reinforced to know it's over with and 100% safe. I can't wait to use it!