Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Keeping on Track

Saturday, because of the rain, the fields were muddy so I decided to try the treat trick again. I had my riding boots on prior to getting there so I didn't want to get them muddy and wet. I was hoping Spyder would hear the treats from the gate and come, but I had to walk along the fence line to the back of his paddock for him to hear. In the beginning of the video, you see the horse he's grazing with take off (because he's scared), then Spyder runs over to me because he knows EXACTLY what I have. TREATTTTSSSSS! He walked all the way down the fence line and hesitated across the mud (you see him try to stay on the little sliver of dry land). I'm glad I have a horse that doesn't like getting dirty, and he did his best with coming to the gate for me. Dry boots are worth picking his muddy feet.

I met up with a girl at the barn (the one I'm doing the hunter pace with) because we wanted to make sure that the horses would be good together. We set out on the track, and it was BEAUTIFUL! It was supposed to rain and pour all day, but it held out until after we got home which was great. There wasn't supposed to be any sun, but I put a picture of the barn below. Some rainy day, right? We walked on the track and chatted as we got our horses closer and closer to make sure they would be good on a narrow trail together. We have yet to get on a trail, but we hope to do that prior to the event. We rode for about an hour, and did a lap of trot/canter. It was SO funny asking Spyder to canter on a straight away. He thought he was on the track, and put his head up, and did a pace/fast trot thing. We can keep up with Tobi's canter in that gait. Once we walked again, I had Spyder pick up his canter (again, no spurs) to make sure he knew that's what we should be doing. He can do it great on the circle, but trying to "gallop" the straight part of the track is another story. He tried and was SO well behaved. What more could I ask for?

Right before it poured
Spyder was fine with Tobi until the end of the ride, and he kept pinning his ears and giving him looks. I'm glad he didn't act on his expressions, and I was really worried about it because Spyder is the alpha horse in the field. He pushes everyone around, and Tobi is very low so he gets picked on.I feel bad because he's got all kinda of bumps, bites, and missing hair, and they keep adding horses to the field. Spyder used to be a biter, but now, he's in a place where he can put his ears back, flick his head, and they move away. There are a few in there that get their feet off the ground and go for the kill, and you know who those are because they don't have one patch of missing hair (Spyder included less his cuts from being young and stupid still). Sometimes I wonder why they are together in the paddocks how they are, and I am happy that I don't have to question it per Spyder.

He was perfect out on the track, his trot was awesome!
Tobi, Spyder's rag doll in the field.
Sunday, I decided to look at a trailer that happened to pop up online. I went to my sister's to hang out with my parents, and it was just an hour north from there. It's just over two hours from my house, so I went for it. The trailer looked to be in good shape, and I decided that I'm not looking for a project or something that is clunky or rusty so why not check it out? That rules out steel, and the price range I am looking in rules out most aluminum. I know with winter comes deals, but this deal came out of no where, and I knew I had to act on it as it fits what I had in mind. Well, I'm now the owner of a 2 horse Brenderup that has a newer floor and front end (they used to be made of wood, but changed the material so the owner upgraded it). People always have something to say about the brand: they are small, they are light, they sway, they are unsafe... I get it. Reading about them, I didn't see any evidence that supports they are less safe than others. I feel that if you get in a trailer accident, it's not going to be good... EVER. The trailer is small, light, and solid which is what I was looking for, and Spyder will get in anything. I don't plan on doing long distance hauling or highway driving with it, and let's hope I can tow it reasonably well at slow speeds on back roads (and in places I don't have to back out from). I'm practicing before any distance is in my future, and I'm THRILLED to have an area for tack (and the option to bring a friend). If it doesn't work out, I can always sell it. It's on to new adventures!
Picking it up soon!