Monday, April 22, 2013


I read a post from another blogger about the appreciation they have for their horse and the training that they worked through in comparison to riding a "made" horse. There are always days where I wish that I could just get on and go, but I know that we'll get there. What makes training so wonderful is knowing that you did the journey together... knowing how your horse works and what makes him happy or aggravated.

I would like to think that the reward will be greater in the end, and indeed, my horse puts up with me. We're very patient with each other and I think that accounts for the excitement and understanding on both ends. We have learned together and have a bit something extra that would be lost in the event someone else was the trainer. Riding a made horse is GREAT when you want to get on, take on some jumps, work on your form, and say you did something cool (which I need to do soon before I get really bored), but I have learned to appreciate the difficulties and the accomplishments of training.

So Spyder, thank you for putting up with me. You've made me proud! :)

March 2012 - He gets lots of new stuff!