Friday, April 26, 2013

Put the Clinic to Work

Today was beautiful! It was hard going back into work with it being 70 at lunch time, but I did force myself to get to the farm. I had planned to go, but I have been exhausted between grad school, planning a wedding, and closing on a new home - more info below. Can you say hectic?

Hectic was my ride today. Spyder was pretty slow, but I had to push him up to get him to work so we could practice our clinic moves. I immediately started with the brakes, and he was stopping wonderfully! From there we did some serpentines to help with steering and to get brain moving and neck stretched. We had some deer to look at, and he was great! We did a little cross rail to throw something else into the mix and to practice the stop right after it. Man he can get his rear end under him when he's tired and whoa comes out!

From there, I decided I was going to work on the canter... without spurs. I forgot my boots at "home" where I left my spurs attached. I was tired/lazy and have been running around like crazy with everything going on, but I didn't let it stop me. We cantered BOTH directions and got a bit of kicking out. What did I do? I fought like a cowgirl and thought of my Danny lesson. You want to kick out? OK, turn, quick, canter the other way! Kick again, circle and GO! I did all of this in the big ring and by myself. Ahh! It wasn't the safest way to test out my new attitude, but  it worked out.

I had no idea that one quick lesson/clinic would give me the tools to control the situation like I was. It was just a great night with a great realization.... we can work together and move forward! YAY! Happy Friday!

  • Closing Tuesday (have been living at my parent's shore house because I sold mine back in March... there is a man in the house we're trying to buy that refuses to leave so it has been delayed - Still TBD if it will actually happen)
  • Exam/class comes to an end this week (getting my master's and this is the first course - why'd I decide this was a good idea?)
  • Wedding is in less than 100 days (OMG! I need to think about it some?)