Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cantering Some More

I can't believe that I am bragging about cantering like it's anything special, but to know I trained my horse with the help of instruction (can't take all of the credit) has given me quite the smile.

I rode today and the practice at the canter paid off from yesterday. Circles are going well, and we cantered to the left and right today! :) It's awesome that Spyder cares about his leads to top it off. Man do I sound boastful! I'm just REALLY happy that we're on track for where I wanted to be headed.

I did a small crossrail and the wishing well jumps keeping in mind a steady trot and steering/leg aids up to and after the jumps. It's great that they help with the canter because we'd have to decide on a direction to pick a lead and balance. He gets a bit pacey when he loses his balance or gets excited, but we're getting much better bringing the pace back to a trot or pushing up to the canter.

On to cantering again, we worked on straight lines? Yeah, "straight lines". Spyder's got his balance in a circle and has the muscles to keep moving, but going in a line, well, that's a whole other task. That will be something we have to work on as he gets a bit pacey/crooked while trying to move straight. What's nice is having him know the cue - he can break the gait, and we'll just pick it up again like it never happened.

Yay cantering! And yes, you can make fun of me for bragging about a canter. It's hard with a stb!

My sweaty cantering machine
Grazing after a great ride!