Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mr. Personality in Action

So there are a lot of reasons why people love their horses... or dislike them for that matter. When I didn't know if I could get through the rough "terrible 2's" stage of training, I thought about reconsidering my decision to get an untrained horse. I look back and remember the good... the training... and the personality. :)

I called this "so tubby he can't roll over" - he's got some weight on him since he's not a "race horse" and he gets to take it easy in the field most of the time. This was last June - just shortly after his 5th birthday!

Chris got me a jolly ball for Spyder, and he enjoys playing with it. This was the "test" to see if he would like it in late August 2012. Not many horses waste their time with them, but he's curious about everything and likes to "taste" everything including people.

This is what happens when he hears anything that resembles a "cookie". Plastic bags get him every time. This was in November 2012.
Found HUGE carrots at the Amish market and HAD to buy them (pictures below next to a car key for scale). He was chewing and chewing, and chewing so I had to film/laugh at him. December 2012

I was working with him on coming to the gate because the field is SO muddy in certain areas. Since he LOVES the sound of his treats, I used the container to lure him in. It only took 1 time of doing this for him to get it, but the other horses were starting to get curious a few times later. I have since stopped with the treats, and I call him. He doesn't "run" over to me, but when he hears/sees me, he comes over to the gate and waits quietly for his lead rope. Once we get to the barn, he gets treats so we don't disappoint or call all of the horses to the gate. He's even called to me after he has seen me a few times, and it's getting better! :) February 2013

INSANE that I have SO many videos, and I'm sure I have more. I should have called this post "the year of Spyder" or something of that nature, but he's just too fun to have ever even had thoughts of not being able to do it.