Monday, April 29, 2013

Sunday Ride

How is it that about 20 horses boarded at Barn 2 and there could be not one person out? I rode Friday and the barn was dead so it was nice to have some people to talk to and ride with. Sunday there were a few people at the farm which was nice to see. Someone rode over from Barn 1 so she came with myself and another boarder to the big ring. We went through the woods to get there, and Spyder was looking at everything. He didn't take off when the horses from his field came galloping down to see him which shocked me!

Out in the big ring, we went to our serpentines to keep him moving and focused on listening. He was worried about what the other two horses were doing since they rode over with us, but rode around the outside of the ring when we went in. I had my spurs back so it was much easier to push him off my leg which he doesn't like to listen to. We cantered both directions, and had no kick outs... to the left. To the right, he got a good one in, but I didn't come off. I was thrown off balance, but we turned and then CANTERED the second we did changed direction. Hopefully we'll be able to work through that as it's beyond annoying! When Spyder gets tired/lazy/off balance, we do pace a bit so we'll have to figure that out, as well.

Since he was good a few times around to the right, we ended the ride with a cross rail and the wishing well jump. I like doing those so I can get a feel for his jump, and we worked on STOP right after the jumps since we have a brake now (sort of)! We rode back to the barn quietly and he was BEAT when I got off. I picked up his front foot to pick it, and his other was so weak that I was afraid he was going to fall. Geeze, I didn't work him that hard!

I had to clean out the trunk to my car so I could pack it up with things to move out of my parent's shore house. We can close tomorrow which comes as a surprise because we didn't think the man living there would every leave! He told the seller's sister and the appraiser that he was only leaving if he was physically removed. Today, our realtor went to check on the home and he was gone! WHOO! We are hoping that the walk through  goes smoothly. I am so excited that this is happening and we still have a few months before the wedding. I'm going to have a wedding/craft room set up ASAP after the move because I've been so worried about where we're living rather than focusing on this wedding! Life is hectic, but it is coming together. I have my final tonight for my first graduate course so that will lighten the load a bit! :)