Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung and so did my horse's attitude. I'm not going to pretend like we didn't always have a few quirks, but getting the grunt and kicking out to stop was nice. The new "hop" or explosion of energy has really frustrated me, but our last few rides were good for the most part.

I rode Tuesday, and to my surprise, I only got a little bit of sour ears. There was no grunting, no kicking out, and no hop! It was REALLY strange that he was SO good (at the canter) because we hadn't even been cantering for a lack of dry footing and positive attitude. We trotted a circle, and I asked him to pick up the canter... a "kiss" and a "kick" with the outside leg, and he acted like he knew the cue. Even more strange, we walked, and then picked up the canter. He got the correct lead as he always does, and there was no issue. It was like we've been cantering for years.

Hopefully the positive attitude will keep up with the warmer weather coming and be a fresh, happy start to what we have in store for us this season.

A few goals: keep on riding, keep on pushing through the attitude, work on the canter, refine steering, work on speed within each gait, get to the jumps, school some xc jumps, get out of the ring, and get off the farm! :)