Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I am away this week for work, and next week I'm going to ride in a clinic at the farm. I'm worried about it because this is going to go one of two ways. Not riding for a week doesn't make Spyder crazy, but it makes him either more lazy ("Ehh, you didn't ride me this week. I'm not moving.") or "Yay, you're back. I missed you... Let's do this!"

I'm hoping for the "Yay, youre back" attitude, but you never know. The last day I rode was this past Sunday, and if they weather is good, I MIGHT be able to get back on him Monday. The clinic is on Wednesday, and I travel for work back in NJ Tuesday and Wednesday. Hopefully Wednesday, I get finished at a reasonable hour to get at the farm and get on him prior to the lesson to get a feel for how my night is going to be. He can be PERFECT or a TEST from day to day so we'll have to wait to see how it goes.

Fear #2 - The gaited thing. The clinic is with an accomplished event rider which may not be into the fact that I have a stb. I hope this isn't the case (because I did hear his name was involved with stb's somewhere in the family), but I'm going to mention that we need to work on "normal" horse things like w/t, moving off leg, and steering. I need to work on my posture so I'm sure I'll be able to bring that into the mix, too. Hopefully we can stick to things that are going to have him cooperate and learn.

Of course I'll follow up with how the clinic went, but until then, I'll worry about it a little. Let's HOPE he is on his best behavior! And if not, let's hope we can learn from it!